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True Louisiana Cajun


True Louisiana Cajun

Cajun is specific to a Southwest area of Louisiana, right where you’ll find FontKnow’s Secret. That’s why we can say it’s a true Louisiana Cajun blended seasoning.

You wonder where Cajun started?cajun

Derived from L’Acadie, a Micmac Indian word for “land of plenty,” the original people of the area were known as “Les Acadiens,” or “Acadians”. In the 1600’s, influence from settlers of all nations, including French, Spanish, African, English, Irish, German, Scottish, etc. infused the culture and a cultural transformation took hold. The French word "Acadiens" gradually changed to "Cadiens," and "Cadiens" became "Cajuns." Yet, the roots remain as strong as ever. Today, the Cajun culture still thrives with ‘locals’ speaking almost the same language as 400 years ago.

Food, music, family & community are the staples of Cajun culture, and now FontKnow’s Secret joins the staples of Cajun culture.

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